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Why   Quaduct

Quaduct is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and sales of energy storage inverters, grid-tied solar inverters and related complete smart systems.

It was established by a R&D team with over 30 years of experience in power electronic and solar industry. Its headquarters are situated in Sydney, Australia and with R&D, production base and sales branches worldwide.

At our core we have always excelled as a hybrid and solar inverter manufacturer, with incredibly strong in-house R&D and quality control capabilities. We focus on residential and commercial products, and stand behind customers and never compete with them.

Quaduct, as our company name, is named after quality product because we firmly believe that the product quality plays a major role in the investment benefits and service cost of solar and energy storage systems. This all the time urges us to make the best quality products for our clients!

10% more power yield

hybrid inverters

From Quaduct

More Functions
• Optional settings to enable charging and discharging at desired peak time and off-peak time based on the electricity price
• Integrated UPS function to enable uninterrupted power supply to the critical loads

Better technical performances
• 10% More power generated at the time of shadow, due to multi-peak real-time power tracking algorithm adopted
• Lower cable loss and higher efficiency attributed to bus voltage 350V

Higher reliability and safety
• SIC adopted to guarantee the reliability and long life of the equipment
• Built-in automatic visual and acoustic alarm to secure the machine and other system in case of failure

Wider adaptability
• Unique software algorithm to allow higher tolerance with poor grid
• Compatible with lead-acid battery and lithium battery

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OUR products

QS(1000-1500) Series

QS(1100-6000) Series

Energy Storage System

QT(5500-12000) Series

QT(15000-20000) Series

QT(25000-30000) Series

QT(28000-36000) Series

QS(6300-8000) Series

Three phase

5.5-12kW grid-tied inverters

From Quaduct

Better technical performance
• Patented interleaved parallel technology to enable higher efficiency and better power quality
• Higher redundancy design allowing for 10% overload running for 4 hours.

Higher reliability
• Japanese and European standards adopted for design and quality control to ensure reliability
• SIC and other key components of World-known brand adopted to guarantee 25-year life

More user/installer-friendly
• Friendly human-machine interface and remote software upgrading, greatly reducing the maintenance labor cost.
• 24-hour big data platform enables real-time monitoring & fault alarms, reducing the waiting time for fault maintenance.


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